March 10th, 2013

Just got to see SoulJunky this afternoon at Rosie O’Hare’s Public House in East Dundee. Nice little venue. Have been wanting to see them for awhile and got a CD. Really enjoy their style. Started out hearing them the first time on Rising Radio through a song named “There Was A Time.” Realized that I liked that song because the chord progression is similar to Can’t Always Get What You Want by the Rolling Stones. I do those comparisons all the time. Doesn’t matter. I enjoy John’s little riff that he does almost continuously. Simple two chord songs are the best sometimes if they have good soul, rhythm and lyrics.

It is rare that I enjoy a band’s full album anymore but I enjoy these guys quite a bit. Reminds me somewhat of the 80s music but the keyboards give a little bit of a 60/70s feel too (Soul/Funk). The keyboardist/vocalist, Chris, has a little Korg that he uses occasionally to lend a different sound to rise above and set a nice feeling to songs. The main guitarist, John, has a nice sound with through his amp. Probably just Chorus but he works it all well. The Bass guitarist,John, lays down a nice bass rhythm and plays around all over the place. I especially enjoy his work on There Was A Time. The other keyboardist, Eric, had some fun backup vocals for one of the songs I heard live. Finally the drummer (?Grant) keeps it all together for them. They were teasing him at Rosie’s because he started in with the wrong song… all in fun. The main keyboardist and vocalist,Chris, gave the guitarist a little “ruining the magic” comment. I think they were just kidding around… love the banter, though.

Don’t know what their deal is for continuing as a band but hope they keep working it. Read about them at their site some more.

Booking contact info: John Mott @ 708-798-4503

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